The Homestretch

…dotted by Leslie

Yeah, we know. We’re writing about Lower Mills quite a bit these days. But we can’t help ourselves…there are so many interesting things happening there. Friends had been mentioning a new home decor boutique in Lower Mills to me…near Streamline and Flatblack. Well, one cold day in December I stopped by The Homestretch with my rambunctious two year old (hopped up on hot chocolate and donuts) and immediately wished I hadn’t brought him inside…breakables. Everywhere. My little football player in training and fragile objects should never be in the same sentence, let alone in the same room. Shop owner, Maura Cannon, who recently moved back to New England after some time in Texas, greeted us warmly and asked my son to ‘help’ her with some rugs. I breathed a sigh of relief as she chatted with my little one  about her own young nephews. This is a shop owner who ‘gets’ kids. And apparently Home Design too. I looked around me and took in the interesting finds; antique and contemporary collectibles; a stunning French chaise lounge; refurbished Martha Washington chairs; a cool three legged pub table perfect for my tiny kitchen; stunning artwork…this shop is well, like home. At least, the home I wish I had.

I didn’t leave with that legged pub table for my kitchen, but it’s on my mind.  Instead I scooped up 3 bars of heavenly Summer House Soaps made in Barnstable, MA as gifts for Christmas.

Maura’s hours are Thursday- Friday 11-7, Saturday 12-6 and Sunday 12-5. She’ll also open by appointment…be sure to pay her a visit, you won’t be disappointed.

Shop Local!

These charming Wildflower Organic paper maiche birds benefit Haitian relief efforts

Dash & Albert rugs = love.

I hesitate to post a photo of this amazing sign, because one of the DottieHotties is in love with it...

Maura, self described ‘Collector of things’, travels far and wide for the unique finds for her new store in Lower Mills. She owned a similar boutique in Houston, Texas attracting the likes of legendary Interior Designers such as Babs Watkins.

The lovely Maura Cannon - we're so glad you came home!

– Leslie

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