We’re Baa-ack … With More News about Dot’s Increasing Popularity!

Hiiiii; remember us? Sorry for the radio silence;  after taking a break from blogging to tend to our lives for awhile (new kids, new jobs, new schools, home renovations … you name it, we did it), we’re getting back on the wagon and putting it in drive.

For our first foray back into the wonderful world of blogging, we figured that we’d share some new stats about Dorchester’s increasing popularity. Remember back in the winter when we posted that Dot was named one of the Top 10 Hottest Neighborhoods in the entire USA? Well, it seems that it’s not just buyers who’ve found Dorchester appealing. Boston Inno is reporting that according to the Jumpshell blog, Dorchester is #6 on the list of the Top 10 Neighborhoods for Young People in Boston!

How ’bout dem apples?????


Event: Hometown Comfort XOXO

Event: Hometown Comfort

Our neighborhood is forever changed by the tragedy of April 15.  Dorchester is a community of action and determination and despite our grief and shock we are compelled to act.  We can all make a difference on May 19, 2013 at Hometown Comfort, a day for our community to honor victims and first responders by collecting needed blood for the Red Cross, raising money for The One Fund-Boston, and supporting one another with the embrace of a hometown. All proceeds benefit onefundboston.org.

The host committee includes: Victoria Reggie Kennedy, Mike and Kitty Dukakis, Boston Mayor Thomas M. Menino,University of Massachusetts Chancellor J. Keith Motely, Boston Globe Publisher Christopher M. Mayer, New England Council President Jim Brett and Author Dennis Lehane.

Master of Ceremonies for the evening event is Tom Ashbrook host of  NPR’s “On Point”  from WBUR Boston.

The Red Cross will conduct a blood drive from noon to 6 p.m. inside the IBEW Hall at 256 Freeport Street in Dorchester. From noon to 4 p.m., in an outdoor event tent, there will be games, food, raffles, and other activities for adults and children. Admission is $25 per family. From 6-9 p.m., the tent will be converted for an evening of comfort food, live entertainment, and a live auction. At least 20 restaurants and caterers are expected to participate. Admission is $75 per person. Buy tickets HERE.

Dot iPhone covers

Designer, Michelle Competiello  started her design business 2 years ago, specializing in print design; invitations; flyers; posters; etc. She designed a typographic poster that listed all the major places from her hometown,Milton, and got a huge response. So she followed up with one for Newport and then South Boston -places she’s lived in over the years.

Designer of the Dot iPhone case, Michelle Competiello

Designer of the Dot iPhone case, Michelle Competiello

She was repeatedly getting requests for other cities and towns so she just *knew* the next one would have to be Dorchester! Her father is originally from Savin Hill and some of her college roommates are from Dot too, so she’s quite familiar with Dot hot spots and vernacular.  She tells us that  iPhone Dorchester cases are the most popular of the bunch, so order quick!

Thanks to Dottie Hotties reader, Sean Wheeler, for sending us into this great find on Etsy.


Boston Strong Bracelet Fundraiser

Recently we discovered the oh-so-charming ‘Dorchester’ bangle bracelets from Triple Decker Designs (seen below is Leslie’s new beloved bracelet with the Dorchester triple decker charm, with the words ‘No Place Like Home’ engraved on the back).  Triple Decker Designs is an online only business is run by three sisters who grew up off Bowdoin Street in Dorchester. They started the company to honor iconic Dorchester neighborhoods, parishes and triple deckers that they knew and loved as kids. Bill Forry said it best in a recent op-ed piece in the Dorchester Reporter, ‘ In old Dorchester, life centered around these things: Park benches and pews and three-decker porches where children and their charges congregated and found common bond based on a shared faith, a shared struggle and, typically, a shared ancestry.’.


Following the tragedies that occurred on Monday, April 15th and in subsequent days following, the sisters of Triple Decker Designs  wanted to help those in need so they quickly placed an order for Boston Strong charm bracelets. Not only is it a statement of our devotion to our city and it’s citizens, but ALL the proceeds from these bracelets ($20 each) will directly benefit the Richard Family of Dorchester. We think these bracelets make a great gift for Mother’s Day and for anyone who shares Boston pride.


The DottieHotties

We Love Boston

We Love Boston

Our thoughts are with all those affected by yesterday’s senseless act of terror.

Our prayers are with the family of Martin Richard who lived, laughed, loved and learned here in Dorchester.

Our deepest thanks go out to all the first responders who worked so hard to help those in need.

Our hearts are with you all.


Dorchester Children’s Book: Jack & Olive

… by Bekki

“What a beautiful book.”

Dorchester Resident Abbie Wanamaker's 2nd Book

Dorchester Resident Abbie Wanamaker’s 2nd Book

Last week I had the pleasure of meeting a fellow artist, mother, educator and book arts enthusiast.  Abbie Wanamaker and I have a lot in common, and we were supposed to be discussing her current Kickstarter campaign for Jack & Olive, but I ended up being completely distracted by the sample of her 2nd children’s book.   An amazing combination of Dorchester photography, illustration and collage, it was a delightful and elegant work of art … and I couldn’t take my eyes off of it.

For those of you new to Kickstarter, the website is a platform for creative people like Abbie who have a project to fund.  In this case, Abbie is not looking for a profit, she simply loves the idea of people reading her book, which is a thoughtful commentary on the importance of friendship.  Sponsors — like you perhaps? — can log onto Kickstarter, pledge $25 (which is the cost of printing each book at Acme Bookbinding in Somerville), and then as rewards, receive a hardbound signed copy of her book, as well as an invitation to the Jack & Olive signing party.

Her campaign for the limited printing of  Jack & Olive ends at 3pm on April 3rd, and Abbie’s dream is 87% funded.  If you are a lover of children’s books, owls named Olive, boys named Jack, or a just fan of supporting a local Fields Corner artist, then make a pledge and get a book.  Speaking from experience, you won’t be able to take your eyes off of it!

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