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Dorchester for Your Dog (Part II)

…dotted by Meghann

Photo courtesy of The Metro Mutt

A few weeks ago, we gave you a listing of some of Dorchester’s favorite dog parks. But just what, people asked, was a “Dot dog” to do when he or she was in need of a walk? A good meal? A little retail therapy? Good clean fun after a romp in the mud (otherwise known as a bath)? A weekend without the owners?

We’ve rounded up some of our near and dear favorites (i.e. in Dorchester proper and just beyond) in each category:

Dog Walkers:

Boon Dog: No website that we could find but we’ve heard good things.

Proprietor/Walker: Nina
Ph: 617-686-5408

Boston Marathon Dogs:  The website isn’t the most informative but just look the company up on Yelp and you’ll see that she is a well-loved walker in Dorchester and Boston beyond.

Proprietor/Walker: Eve Sandoval
Ph: 857-928-0183

K9 Company: We’ve got a soft spot for Sandy in our house. When our regular walker couldn’t walk our dog Penny, Sandy came to the rescue and Penny adores her. She takes her dogs to the same park (Victory Park) that our walker does and we’ve seen here there:  it’s penultimately clear that she loves everything on four legs.

Proprietor/Walker: Sandy Hudson
Ph: 617-895-8456

Kat’s Dog Walking: We’ve heard lots of positive stuff about Kat and her way with dogs. And she’s another Victory Park walker (always a plus in our book).

  • On Leash Dog Walks  $18/ 30 min., $20/45 min., $24/60 minutes: Includes 1-2 other dogs matched for their temperment and exercise level.
  •  40 Minute Play Groups- 40 minute playgroup takes place at a fenced in dog park in South Boston where there is plenty of room for you dog to run all around with his friends.   It is ideal for dogs that do not do well off-leash but who still have a lot of energy to burn.
  • 60 Minute Play Groups- 60 minute playgroup takes place at Victory Park in Dorchester.   This is a fabulous outing for dogs that do well off-leash and have a lot of energy to burn.  It would also suit dogs who enjoy hang out and having some company in the afternoons.
  • Medication Administration – $5/administration: Visit to your home to administer any medications that your pet needs including insulin shots, pills, eye drops, ear drops and skin creams etc.

Proprietor/Walker: Katherine Heatley
Ph: 617-763-5958

Madog Dog Walking: No website that we could find but we’ve heard good things.

Proprietor/Walker: Ania Netzel
Ph: 617-909-8597

The Metro Mutt: Rob Murphy and his dog “Dixie” are amongst some of our favorite 2-and 4-legged Dorchester residents since they faithfully exercise our dog “Penny” (thus saving our sanity) several times a week. A “walk” with Rob can mean many things depending on what you want but the service is great and the texted photos of your dog hamming it up for his camera are priceless.

  •  Small Pack walk/play group – $18/60 minutes: includes 2-4 dogs matched for their temperment and exercise level.  The small pack adventure begins with a home pick up, transport to an area park, playtime, and drop off back at home.
  •  Individual Walk- $18/ 30 min., $20/45 min., $24/60 minutes: perfect for the dog who needs specialized attention or isn’t comfortable with other dogs.
  • Quick Stops – $10/visit: A quick stop by your home to make sure that your dog is fed & watered (for existing clients only)
  • Emergency Walks – $25/flat rate: An unscheduled visit to your house to walk, feed and water your dog on an emergency basis (for existing clients only)

Proprietor/Walker: Rob Murphy

Outbound Hounds: Angila specializes in off-leash walks at some of Boston’s best parks (yes, Victory Park included); the photos online of doggies at play make your heart melt.

Proprietor/Walker: Angila
Ph: 617-997-8766

Photo courtesy of The Metro Mutt

Doggie Daycare: 

Boston’s Red Dog Complex Daycare: A brand new facility that opened in 2010 and located near the South Bay Shopping Center, this new facility is for the pooch who wants it all under one roof. it offers an aquatics center, indoor and outdoor play areas, grooming…even massage & reiki are offered.

  • Monday through Friday, 7am – 7pm and Saturday, 9am – 6pm
  • Pick-Up and Delivery Service available
  • Guests are grouped according to weight, size, and temperament
  • Pricing: Full day: $30.00. Half-Day (up to 5 Hours): $22.00

274 Southampton
Boston, MA 02118
Ph: 617-427-2225

The Dog House By Dogs R Us: Located on Pope’s Hill right down the street fromt Doggie Styles, this relatively new facility includes two separate play spaces so that dogs of different sizes and temperament cab be grouped together to maximize their day care experienc. It is a cage free facility and also offers two 20 minute excursions around the Pope’s Hill neighborhood during the day

  • Group Walks: No more than 4 dogs per walker. 30 minutes- $14/45 minutes -$17 /60 minutes – $20
  • Individual Walks:  30 minutes -$18/ 45 minutes- $22. For more than one dog per household,  add $6.00 per dog.
  • Puppy Package: (Up to 6 months old.)  2 x 20 minutes -$20. One 20 minute walk in the morning and one in the afternoon.
  • Play Groups:  Fun with other canine friends. 2  hour blocks – $ 26

168 Neponset Ave
Boston, MA 02122
Ph: 617-506-0639

Photo courtesy of The Metro Mutt

Pet Supply Stores:

Skipton Pet Center: Part of the Red Dog Complex, this place has it all. Literally. Any possible high quality dog food, toy, leash, pet supply, etc. that you could be looking for…it’s all there.

274 Southampton
Boston, MA 02118
Ph: 617-427-2225


Doggie Styles Pet Grooming Salon:  Located in a cute storefront just off of Morrissey Boulevard on Pope’s Hill, this groomer’s services include shampoos, hair cuts and flea treatments, exotic styling, pedicures, skin care and moisturizing treatments, hydrobaths, teeth cleaning

  • Tuesday – Saturday, 8-4 PM. Closed Sunday & Monday.
  • Pick-Up and Delivery Service available by appt. Tuesday – Saturday
  • “Regular Grooming” includes Hydro Massage Bath, Sugar Scrub Facial, nails, ears and anals. Small – $30 + Medium- $35 + Large $ $40 + Xlrg $ $50 +

170 Neponset Ave
Dorchester, MA 02124
Ph: 617-265-1033

Dot Dogs: Located in the Savin Hill area of Dorchester, this sweet little shop offers do-it-yourself washing to professional grooming, treats, toys, food and apparel

  • Monday, Tuesday & Saturday 9am – 6pm * Wednesday through Friday 9am – 7pm * Sunday – Closed
  • Do-it-yourself wash n’ go
  • “Regular Grooming” includes Hydro Massage Bath, Sugar Scrub Facial, nails, ears and anals. Small – $30 + Medium- $35 + Large $ $40 + Xlrg $ $50 +

916 Dorchester Avenue
Dorchester, MA 02124
Ph: 617-288-3647

Dog Sitters (In-House) and Kennels:

Boston’s Red Dog Complex Daycare: (See listing under Doggie Daycare for facility description)

  • Monday through Friday, 7am – 7pm and Saturday, 9am – 6pm
  • Pick-Up and Delivery Service available
  • Guests are grouped according to weight, size, and temperament
  • Pricing: Full day: $30.00. Half-Day (up to 5 Hours): $22.00

274 Southampton
Boston, MA 02118
Ph: 617-427-2225

The Dog House By Dogs R Us: (See listing under Doggie Daycare for facility description)

  • Offsite Pet Sitting: Includes morning, afternoon, & evening walks – $40/day
  • Onsite Pet Sitting:   Includes 3 daily walks and an overnight stay with your pet$50/day

168 Neponset Ave
Boston, MA 02122
Ph: 617-506-0639

K9 Company: Sandy will come, pick your dog up at your house and take him/her to her own house to play and be loved while you’re away. It’s where our dog Penny goes when we’re on vacation and honestly; we think she’s a little sad when we come home since she knows the K9 party is over.

Proprietor/Walker: Sandy Hudson
Ph: 617-895-8456

The Metro Mutt: (See listing under Dog walkers for  description)

  • Offsite Pet Sitting: Includes four visits per 24 hours – $40.00/day. $10 for additional visits.

83 Dix St. #4
Dorchester, MA 02122
Ph: 617-827-6212

Outbound HoundsAngila will  take your dog into her own house to play and be loved while you’re away. Cage-free and crate boarding are both available.

Proprietor/Walker: Angila
Ph: 617-997-8766

Eye Candy: Boston Watercolor Map

… Dotted by Leslie

My husband is a map collector … I think we might need to add this one to our growing collection.

“I’d like to generate map tiles that give you that same dizzy feeling you get when you look down at a city at night, from an airplane. We’ve spent so long fussing over the relentless details in cartography that we’ve sort of forgotten what things (should) look like at a distance. “ – Arron Straup Cope.

prettymaps (boston) by Aaron Straup Cope courtesy of 20 x 200

Mae’s BBQ and the 33rd Annual Ashmont Hill Yard Sale

…by the DottieHotties

“The Way City Living Should Be” – Ashmont Hill

While the jury is still out as to whether Mae Graves will be cooking tomorrow at the 33rd Annual Ashmont Hill Yard Sale (we called to ask this morning and she told us, “Tomorrow stands for tomorrow; I live day to day.”) we’re all keeping our fingers crossed that she brings out her amazing BBQ onto Harley Street to serve up the best BBQ ribs and chicken we’ve ever had. Typically a bucket of ribs goes for $20 and is enough to feed at least 5 people. To find her, turn onto Harley street and follow the smoke trail….you can also buy individual portions for nibbling on the run while you shop the 60+ garages and yard sales in one of Dorchester’s most charming neighborhoods. If Mae ends up not coming out (we shudder to think), your BBQ craving will be satisfied at the Ashmont Nursery School BBQ (also on Harley Street), where they will have burgers, hot dogs, baked goods, drinks and more.

Mae chopping up her amazing BBQ ribs with a hatchet. We love her.

Mae’s BBQ

* * *

33rd Annual Ashmont Hill Yard Sale

May 19th 9am -2pm

RAIN OR SHINE – Take the T to Ashmont (warning: parking is at a premium); start at Ocean Street, off Welles Ave. Maps available at each yard.

Antiques, furniture, tools, computers, household and baby items, architectural details and miscellany displayed in carriage houses, porches and lawns.

For information call 617.288.6626 or visit

We fancy … Rainy Day Dot Spots

… by the DottieHotties

“Who told you you’re allowed to rain on my parade?”

Rain can ruin everything; it negates your day at the park, your ability to wear suede, and instead of reaching for a healthy salad, you are forced to eat warm chocolate chip cookies, with frosting, and perhaps a side of peanut butter.  A day of gloomy weather can quite literally rain on  your parade.  Before you start wishing that rain-rain to go away, however, the sunny DottieHotties are here to tell you what we fancy about rainy days in Dorchester.

A Dorchester Rainy Day

Bekki fancies … a book with some spice.  

Leave it to the teacher to get all literal, but libraries have always held a special kind of magic for me.  My dad used to let us check out 2 books every Saturday, and now I enjoy watching my own kiddos explore the stacks — especially when the playground is soggy.  Dorchester boasts six branches of the Boston Public Library, more than any other part of the city!  On the way home, we’ll to stop for a treat at one of the cozy Flat Black cafes.  I melt at the mention of spicy chai tea, and my mini-dots both fancy a cookie from “the kangaroo sign”.

Leslie fancies … being cheesy.

My rainy day pick would be grilled cheese and tomato soup at The Plate.  I’ve been anxiously watching the little shop come to life during its renovations.  Located within view of the Red Line’s Central Avenue Station, it is a fantastically scrumptious lunch spot.  Stay tuned for a full post all about their delicious handcrafted comfort food.  With tummies full of warm cooking, my family fancies watching the river run fast from fresh rainfall on the Lower Mills bridge.

Meghann fancies … monkey business.  

My 3-year-old and I love to head over to the Gorilla House at the Franklin Park Zoo. It’s usually pretty quiet there when the weather’s grey so we get a front-row seat to watch the gorillas. After checking out Little Joe (my son’s favorite), the baby (my favorite) and the rest of the group, we wander through the rest of the complex and visit the ant-eater, the pygmy hippo and all the birds flying around the enclosures. Then, when the hunger bug hits, we drive over to The Mud House for hot chocolate and sandwiches … yum yum!

*     *     *

“And when it rains on your parade, look up rather than down. Without the rain, there would be no rainbow.”
Gilbert K. Chesterton

Repeat Compliments for Repeat Boutique

… dotted in the Dot by Bekki

“Wow, nice shirt!”

“That’s a great shirt!”

Everyone, everyone likes a compliment. No matter how healthy your reserve of self-confidence may be, getting a good word thrown in your direction is still delightfully delightful. In addition, the only thing better than getting some kudos, is knowing that it only cost you eight dollars, that’s right, eight dollars.

I own one of these magical eight dollar shirts, yes I do, and I got it at Repeat Boutique. I had driven by the three year-old designer consignment shop on Neponset Street repeatedly, but my first visit was only recently. After scooping up said shirt-of-wonder, as well as a few other gems, I am confident, I repeat, confident, that I will return … again and again.

One of the many lovely lovely displays at Repeat Boutique

Forever a treasure-seeker, a buccaneer of sorts, I have pillaged my fair share of swarthy swarthy consignment shops, yes indeed. I am here to announce and report that Repeat Boutique is far more “boutique” than your average good-willed district of garments. Simply put, it is well-organized and smells wonderfully wonderful … two things that go a long long way to enhance your plundering.

Kitty-cat heels, “Dotted” of course!

While the goods are good at Repeat Boutique, the greatest thing about this cozy cozy spot is the elegant yet easy, easy-like-Sunday-morning atmosphere that owner, Linda, has created. She is friendly, helpful and passionate about making Dorchester shine, one designer garment after another. After a great great conversation, and a lot of smiling, it was clear that Repeat Boutique was much much more than consignment. Linda’s truest of true vocation is helping urban marauders look their best, without having to shell out a chest of doubloons. A quest that is absolutely worth repeating.

Fancy Fancy Jacket

Skirts upon Skirts upon Skirts

Gems and Jewels

Repeat Boutique is open:

Wednesday from noon to 5pm

Thursday and Friday, noon to 7pm

Saturday, 10am to 5pm

Sunday, 1pm to 5pm

* * *

171 Neponset Avenue


For The OFD In Your Life…Dorchester Blankets & Mapkins

…Dotted by Leslie

Each week when I receive New York Magazine in the mail, the first thing I do is flip to the back of the issue to read the Approval Matrix which the Editors describe as, “Our deliberately oversimplified guide to who falls where on our taste hierarchies.” The Matrix always makes me laugh and has led me to great books, music, art, cool new products and yes, sometimes hilarious YouTube videos.

New York Magazine’s Approval Matrix

It was a recent Matrix that  led  me to the Soft Cities website while checking out a really cool map company, Stamen Design.  I haven’t made a Soft Cities purchase yet, but I’m coveting the CandyMap Blanket  for my own pint-sized OFDs (Originally From Dorchester) and wouldn’t the Mapkins make a lovely Dot Mama’s Mother’s Day Gift?? (hint, hint)

How about an OTB (Over The Bridge) Savin Hill blanket? Or Jones Hill napkins?  The ideas are endless …

The folks at Soft Cities will take a map of your favorite neighborhood (you simply give them the street address) and turn it into a cozy fleece (recycled) blanket  or 100% Kona cotton table napkins. You can feel good about this purchase too since the  printing is completely green: no toxic chemicals in the printing process, nor do they produce waste water.




Prices range from $65 – $175