About Us

DotSpots – Discovering Dorchester one spot at a time.

Dorchester is one of a kind. From its amazingly diverse people to its beautiful architecture to its distinct culture, it’s Boston’s best example of the way city living should be and a fabulous place to call home. From the OFD (Originally From Dorchester) community to the growing number of DBC (Dorchester By Choice) newcomers who’ve “discovered” the many-faceted nuances within its vast confines, Dot is a microcosm of Boston’s past and the banner of its future.

Founded by Kendra Stanton Lee and now administered by Leslie MacKinnon and Meghann Van Dorn and a host of helpers, DotSpots shares the best of our neighborhoods with the world.  We introduce the new to the old, the old to the new – and the outside world to it all. Want to know, need to know, have to know … we’re on a mission to share it all.

Know something that the rest of us need to hear?

Tell us!  A new brewery, new shop, new gym or even a parish distinction we missed on your mind? We want to hear about it; get in touch and fill us in so we can fill in everyone else!

Want to help us spread the word?

We’re always looking for people who want to share their Dorchester experiences with the world so read our lips: Get In Touch!

Just want us to shut up already?

Struggling with what we’re saying? How we’re saying it?  Fill us in; we want to hear all points of view and definitely recognize that we’re human and (*cough* almost never) make mistakes. Speak up; be heard!

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