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Twenty Two

WHAT: Car Wash Gift Certificate

WHERE: Neponset Circle Car Wash

HOW MUCH: Starting at $25

FOR WHO: With salt and sand season approaching, this is the perfect gift for the guy who takes pride in his ride.

Neponset Circle Car Wash

Neponset Circle Car Wash

Twenty One


WHAT: Prosecco — Mionetto Prosecco D.O.C. Treviso ( to be exact )

WHERE: Morrissey Boulevard Wine & Liquors, 711 Morrissey Boulevard (next to CVS)

HOW MUCH: $13.99

FOR: Your co-worker ( hopefully she’ll share! ); it’s time to celebrate the successes of 2012 and toast to 2013!




WHAT: Delicious traditional Christmas Pudding

WHERE: Greenhills Irish Bakery in Adams Village. 780 Adams St. Dorchester, MA

HOW MUCH: $25.00 ( Order by Friday 12/21 for a 12/24 pick-up )

FOR: Dinner with your beloved Granny (and anyone else in attendance with you). You love her dearly but could do without the heartburn that comes after “enjoying” her latest attempt at dessert.


Photo via Pascale De Groof


WHAT: Hand-Tied Candy Garland and Retro Sweets

WHERE: A Sweet Place in Fields Corner, 1514 Dot Ave

HOW MUCH: $15 for the garland, the rest of the sweets vary

FOR:  Give the garland to your teenage niece who is big into decorating her own room … then get nostalgic with some Bit-O-Honey for your own generation.

Mae's Hand-Tied Candy Garland

Mae’s Hand-Tied Candy Garland



WHAT: Funky, vintage-inspired  jewelry

WHERE: The Beauty Bar  in Neponset, open Tuesday – Saturday (hours change by day, see website for details)

HOW MUCH: $8 – $25

FOR: Anyone who likes a little bit o’ bling. They have every possible style, type and color imaginable … there is literally something for everyone.


A selection of recent jewelry purchases from the Beauty Bar



WHAT: Antique Dorchester Pottery Works slipware mugs and plates (in business from 1895-1979 and located at 101-105 Victory Rd.)

WHERE: Dark Horse Antiques in Lower Mills

HOW MUCH: $20.00 – $30.00 depending on the piece

FOR: Anyone who wants an authentic piece of Dorchester’s historic arts community

Dorchester Pottery



WHAT: Brachetto – a slightly sweet, sparkling red wine from Dorchester’s own, Boston Winery. Perfect for the holidays; especially when wearing a wine bottle hat & scarf.

WHERE: Boston Winery

HOW MUCH: $15 (bottle hat & scarf $6)

FOR: The perfect holiday party host/hostess gift!