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The Dot is HOT! (But then … you already knew that, right?)


Many people reading this post probably already knew this before this report came out … but Dorchester has just been named #5 in The 10 Hottest Neighborhoods in 2013 across the USA!

24/7 Wall Street, a site that provides investor analysis to several publications including The Wall Street Journal and Huffington Post, used data from to find that prices throughout Dorchester rose 18% in 2012 and that it’s on track for increased gains in value in 2013.

If you’ve been thinking about making the plunge and purchasing a home in Dot, now’s the time to do it!



WHAT: Antique Dorchester Pottery Works slipware mugs and plates (in business from 1895-1979 and located at 101-105 Victory Rd.)

WHERE: Dark Horse Antiques in Lower Mills

HOW MUCH: $20.00 – $30.00 depending on the piece

FOR: Anyone who wants an authentic piece of Dorchester’s historic arts community

Dorchester Pottery



WHAT: “Dot Dogs” Shampoo Bar — handmade soap for your urban hound.

WHERE: The HomeStretch in Lower Mills

HOW MUCH: $5.50

FOR: Anyone who loves their four-legged friend … but not the pungent odor that clings to them after a roll in the dirt or a swim in the harbor.  Looking for more than a stocking stuffer? Try pairing it with a Do-It-Yourself-DogWash gift certificate from Dot Dogs near Savin Hill

Dot Dogs Soap

Dot Dogs Soap



WHAT: Hand-blown glass ornaments, paperweights, vases and dishes made by local teenagers from the Bird Street Community Center. The kids also determine each piece’s pricing as well as handle the marketing and sales components of their artwork.

WHERE: Bird Street Community Center  or contact  Assistant Director of Operations Paulo Barros via email ( to find out the studio’s hours and dates of other craft shows where they’ll be displaying their wares.

HOW MUCH: Prices range depending on the piece. Paperweights from $5-10, ornaments from $15-25 and vases from $25-50.

FOR: Your decor-loving sister with champagne taste (and you and your beer budget.)

$25 hand-blown glass vase by the students at Bird Street Community Center

$25 hand-blown glass vase by the students at Bird Street Community Center (bought as a gift but it may end up being part of the permanent collection around here … so gorgeous!)

Urban Gardens: Growing Moss Art

… dotted by Bekki

“A rolling stone gathers no … ”

I’ve always thought moss was magical.  As a child I imagined it a perfectly plush bed for my dolls, and now as a dignified mature adult I use it as … well … beds for fairy houses I build with my daughter.  Perhaps that is why I am so entranced with the idea of the “growing” genre of eco-art, which has been known to employ my favorite mossy brand of nature’s carpeting.

Photo courtesy of SuperNaturale

I also have a fascination with urban gardening.  One of my favorite parts about Dorchester in the summer, is spying the innovative ways residents transform tiny plots, planters, roofs and concrete jungles, into plush green homages to mother nature.

An Urban Moss Chair

So, Dorchester green-thumbs young and old … why not add some moss to your repertoire?  It turns out there is no magical pixie dust required.  Using a few items from the fridge, one can conjure up a paintable potion and apply it to just about any outdoor surface.  The possibilities are endless!

Moss Art by Anna Garforth

*     *     *

Ingredients for Moss Paint Recipe

  • One or two clumps (about a small handful) of moss
  • 2 cups of buttermilk
    • You can also substitute with yogurt (vegan yogurt can be used)
  • 2 cups of water (or beer)
  • 1/2 tsp. sugar
  • Corn syrup (optional)

Mae’s BBQ and the 33rd Annual Ashmont Hill Yard Sale

…by the DottieHotties

“The Way City Living Should Be” – Ashmont Hill

While the jury is still out as to whether Mae Graves will be cooking tomorrow at the 33rd Annual Ashmont Hill Yard Sale (we called to ask this morning and she told us, “Tomorrow stands for tomorrow; I live day to day.”) we’re all keeping our fingers crossed that she brings out her amazing BBQ onto Harley Street to serve up the best BBQ ribs and chicken we’ve ever had. Typically a bucket of ribs goes for $20 and is enough to feed at least 5 people. To find her, turn onto Harley street and follow the smoke trail….you can also buy individual portions for nibbling on the run while you shop the 60+ garages and yard sales in one of Dorchester’s most charming neighborhoods. If Mae ends up not coming out (we shudder to think), your BBQ craving will be satisfied at the Ashmont Nursery School BBQ (also on Harley Street), where they will have burgers, hot dogs, baked goods, drinks and more.

Mae chopping up her amazing BBQ ribs with a hatchet. We love her.

Mae’s BBQ

* * *

33rd Annual Ashmont Hill Yard Sale

May 19th 9am -2pm

RAIN OR SHINE – Take the T to Ashmont (warning: parking is at a premium); start at Ocean Street, off Welles Ave. Maps available at each yard.

Antiques, furniture, tools, computers, household and baby items, architectural details and miscellany displayed in carriage houses, porches and lawns.

For information call 617.288.6626 or visit