Dot iPhone covers

Designer, Michelle Competiello  started her design business 2 years ago, specializing in print design; invitations; flyers; posters; etc. She designed a typographic poster that listed all the major places from her hometown,Milton, and got a huge response. So she followed up with one for Newport and then South Boston -places she’s lived in over the years.

Designer of the Dot iPhone case, Michelle Competiello

Designer of the Dot iPhone case, Michelle Competiello

She was repeatedly getting requests for other cities and towns so she just *knew* the next one would have to be Dorchester! Her father is originally from Savin Hill and some of her college roommates are from Dot too, so she’s quite familiar with Dot hot spots and vernacular.  She tells us that  iPhone Dorchester cases are the most popular of the bunch, so order quick!

Thanks to Dottie Hotties reader, Sean Wheeler, for sending us into this great find on Etsy.


2 thoughts on “Dot iPhone covers

  1. Shelly Goehring

    Too bad she skipped most of the neighborhood west of Dot Ave. Sure the cover is small, but the design is packed with images of the east side of Dorchester. No Great Hall, Franklin Field, Codman Square, Four Corners, Mother’s Rest (amazing views of the harbor), Washington Street, Meetinghouse Hill, Mt. Bowdoin, First Parish, Second Church… Just seems like whole sections of Dorchester were skipped over to me.


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