Dark Horse Antiques = Deals & Steals

…dotted by Meghann

On the same day that I visited Streamline Antiques, I walked two doors down to Dark Horse Antiques & Collectables.

Located right on the corner of Adams & Dorchester, Dark Horse is one of my favorite spots for unique items at truly remarkable prices.

Owner Robert Ferrini (thanks for letting me take all the photos Robert!) has a fabulous eye.

Fabulous. Awesome. Amazing.

If you’re like me and you like quirky old things that have out-lived their original purpose but maintain strong lines and a sculptural quality, this is your place. Truly, truly fabulous (and — yippee! — affordable).

I can honestly say that I’ve never walked out of their store empty-handed and this visit was no exception.

After eyeing a couple of pieces which were subsequently snatched up while I was wandering around and taking pictures (I will forever be bummed about missing out on this bust of a child), I did find a couple of treasures (for less than $85.00 total – woot, woot!).

This vintage whirl-a-gig made one heck of a great Christmas gift for my brother…

…and this galvanized tub — see it right there in the front? —  is going to look amazing at my place (I’ll show pics of it in it’s new home on my wall soon).

So there it is; the next time you need an antique fix and your wallet is feeling lighter-than-hoped for, try Dark Horse; you won’t be sorry. Promise.


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