Dorchester’s Winter Farmers Market

…dotted by Leslie

Sundays in the winter have new meaning to me – farm fresh produce, eggs, cheese, meats, artisan breads, pastries and gathering with neighbors. All this good time needs is  Flatblack coffee – do ya’ hear me on this friends? Overheard something about coffee not being allowed to be sold at Farmer’s Markets in Boston? Say what?  Somervillians and Cambridgites are enjoying their roasted blends at their farmer’s markets…c’mon Boston! Hmmm…who do I know in Public Health?

Ok, enough about my caffeine addiction and hooray for the first of many Dorchester Winter Farmer’s Markets!! Our community has been craving this for a long time and now it’s here for us all to enjoy.

Today’s yumminess was delivered by Silverbrook FarmPowisset FarmOakdale FarmStillman’s MeatsLawton Cheese, Proofed Artisan and Traditional Bread and Dorchester’s own Good Measure Bakery (delish pecan with cream cheese frosting cupcakes…my kids devoured theirs in minutes. Tried to reach in for a bite but almost lost a finger).

Don’t say I didn’t warn you: today brought in 600 hungry and excited shoppers, granted it was the opening day and there was an appearance by the May-ah, but still, I suggest showing up early for the best selections.

The market is open on Sundays from 12-3pm at the Codman Square Great Hall (6 Norfolk Street), Dorchester until the end of March. For more info on the Dorchester Winter Farmer’s Market and good things happening with The Dorchester Community Food Collaborative, please visit

4 thoughts on “Dorchester’s Winter Farmers Market

  1. purlyshell

    Yes, I hear you on the coffee – that would have been a great addition to all the other wonderful things there.

    1. Joel Wool

      It’s currently prohibited by ISD/health dept.

      We’ve talked to some employees at Flat Black, who absolutely want to do it… testimonials on this issue from all angles would be appreciated. I will forward them to city farmers’ market coordinator.

  2. Leslie Candy

    I agree. FlatBlack should be allowed to participate at the market (which was awesome, by the way). They are by far the best coffee place ever. I can’t even drink Starbucks anymore. Must go get a maple latte now.


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