Up Close with Yolanda Darnell

…Dotted By Leslie

“Have you tried the cupcakes? OMG – amazing!”

“Did you see the cupcake lady yet? I think she’s running out of cupcakes … you’d better hurry!”

The gossip was flying about the now famous Red Velvet cupcakes at the very first Dorchester Winter Farmers Market. I had to get one. With my kids in tow, I worked my way through the large crowd to place my hands on what was ‘The Last Cupcake’ of the day. Big brown eyes stared up at me with eager anticipation to dive into the deliciousness. We found ourselves a quiet corner in The Great Hall to share this heavenly treat.

My daughter spoke up first, ‘Mama, its just soooo good!’

An investigation began and I was soon introduced to the baker behind the cupcakes, young entrepreneur and owner of Good Measure Bakery, Yolanda Darnell. I jumped at the chance when she invited me to join her in the kitchen one Saturday afternoon to learn more about her love for baking and Dorchester too…

Yolanda with her famous Vanilla Confection Rum Cakes

Yolanda with her famous Vanilla Confection Rum Cakes

Tell us about Good Measure Bakery.

Good Measure is a small Dorchester-based business focused on providing sweets that make people say ‘Wow!’  Our specialty is a Vanilla Confection Rum Cake, but we also make cake pops and cupcakes. Our customers  especially love the Red Velvet cupcakes. We use quality fresh and whenever possible, local ingredients. We sell primarily to restaurants and at farmers markets but will soon start focusing on direct customer sales as well.

What’s your day job?

I’m an IT Project Manager at a Fortune 100 company in Greater Boston. My undergraduate degree was in Electrical Engineering, but I’ve always loved cooking and baking. I made a rum cake for Christmas Dinner in 2010 and during that dinner someone gave me the idea to make and sell my Rum Cakes as a business. I’ve been baking like crazy ever since.

Red Velvet cupcake....yummm

Red Velvet Cupake

Favorite dessert?

Ice cream is my favorite! I never buy any for the house, because I don’t even want the temptation. I’ll eat ice cream even when it’s 10 degrees outside. I remember one time I went skiing with friends on what seemed like the coldest day of the year. When we got back to Boston and got something to eat, the first thing I ordered was a milkshake. I was still thawing myself out, but I thoroughly enjoyed that milkshake!

What do you love about living in Dorchester? 

I love being in Dorchester. I love the convenience of being close to friends — close to Braintree/Quincy, Downtown Boston and not too far from Cambridge. There are really nice parks near where I live, and there are also lots of nice Caribbean restaurants.

Good Measure Bakery (buy the Rum Cakes and other confections every Sunday 12-3 at The Dorchester Winter Famers Market)



3 thoughts on “Up Close with Yolanda Darnell

  1. Phoebe

    I’m always on the look out for dance-in-place, toe-wiggling-good cupcakes. I’ll be on the lookout for Good Measure Bakery. Thanks for the tip!

    1. Penny from MSBC

      Hope you are doing well:-) Love your home page!!! Miss you. Penny


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