She’s (not) Ready for Her Close-Up, Mr. DeMille

…dotted by Meghann*

My saving grace(s)

I have learned a very important lesson in the past week that I’d like to share: when in doubt, buy flowers. Buy LOTS of flowers. And, if at all possible, buy them from Coleen’s Flower Shop  at 912 Dorchester Avenue right by JFK T station. SHE. IS. AWESOME.

Coleen's Flower Shop

You see, a few weeks ago, fellow Dottie and writer/photographer extraordinaire Leslie called me up and told me she wanted to do an article on the renovation of our house for the new Boston lifestyle magazine, Exhale. Here’s how my reaction went:

(sputter. Giggle. Laugh outright.) “Um, OK. But WHY?”

“Because you have a good eye for stuff.” Oh…OK, right. YUP; got it. I’ve got weird stuff on my walls (see my post about the bath tub currently in-residence) that I tend to find at yard sales, antique shops, on the street, “borrow” from my mother or in-laws and then call “art”.  Apparently people find this to be an interesting design approach. Don’t believe me? Try putting a tub on YOUR walls and see what happens. See? Thought so.

Some of Coleen's flowers in one of my many "weird" finds -- a scientific flask

So I happily ignored the impending shoot date and pretended like it wasn’t happening. And then Leslie very sweetly reminded me of the date (read: “Girl; get your stuff TOGETHER!”).  And I panicked. Seriously panicked…as in breathing into a paper bag panicked. And then, based on what I saw on Yelp, I made my way to Coleen’s.

The inside of Coleen's Flower Shop

I walked in and instantly, I felt like it was all going to be okay. It might have been the woman in line telling me the that Coleen had been there for 31 years and had taken care of every family wedding she’d ever attended. Or it may have been watching Coleen deftly make a fairy wand out of a trinket for a nervous little girl.

But whatever it was, I breathed again without worry.  I introduced myself and told her my conundrum. She laughed, asked me what I was looking for, took me down to see the cut-stem options and then bundled them up so that they looked like this…

The flowers Coleen pulled for me. They even look pretty in plastic!

I KNOW, right??? She also suggested that I get a single $6.00 stem of quince, cut it in half (See? She could have tried to sell me 2 and I would have…but she didn’t), put both stems in water and then enjoy their blooming over the next several weeks. Seriously; $6.00? For this?

The quince in its new home in our dining room.

This woman is a genius. I saw one $35.00 arrangement go out the door and I almost fell over. It looked like a $100.00 arrangement. G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S.

And so, even though I still needed my paper bag this morning before the photo shoot (case in point: this is what my kitchen looked like approximately 45 minutes before Leslie arrived)…

My kitchen. In shambles.

…I knew that at least she would get some great shots of flowers m.i.d. (made in Dorchester).

My photoshoot savior

Thank you Coleen; you’re a flower rock-star!

Now, where is my paper bag?

Coleen’s Flower Shop is located at912 Dorchester Avenue in Dorchester.
Hours – Monday – Friday 9-5

4 thoughts on “She’s (not) Ready for Her Close-Up, Mr. DeMille

  1. Melissa

    Those flowers are amazing! I’ll definitely need to visit that flower shop someday. The science nerd in me can’t help but make one correction though: that’s a flask, not a beaker.

  2. DottieHotties Post author

    Thanks for letting us know Melissa; we’ve updated the post accordingly. I (meghann) am most definitely not scientifically-inclined and know nothing of the proper lab lingo!

    Hope you get to Coleen’s sometime soon; she’s great….


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