Party Wrap-Up: Spring Egg Hunt

…dotted by Meghann

No surprise; the weather didn’t cooperate today (isn’t that always the way? Gorgeous weather all week and then blammo…party = nasty rainy day) so our Spring Egg Hunt was moved inside but that’s okay, we had SUCH a good time hosting our little family’s good friends!

The "brunch bar" was a big success; the hubs made a yummy home-made Bloody Mary mix and there were yummy prosecco mimosas as well

The kid's side of the brunch bar with a view of our "Welcome to the Party"silhouettes on our kitchen's chalkboard wall.

After being effectively fortified with tomato juice, orange juice, coffee or tea, guests had their choice of the various quiches, stratas and breads that we’d made yesterday (I highly suggest prepping everything for quiches the day before; then it’s just a matter of adding the eggs and milk, and popping it in the oven).

Everything came out really well.

The strata recipe was a HUGE hit (click here for the recipe)…

…and the quiches (click here for recipe) and banana bread (click here for recipe) were gone very quickly. In regards to food, the only thing I would note is too keep the gateaû (click here for recipe) in the oven a little longer than one would think; mine could have used another 5 minutes…the center wasn’t as “spongey” as I would have liked).

The basket, pre-Egg Hunt scramble. The bunny masks were another $1 section find).

After digging in and eating up, the kiddies got their easter egg baskets (from the $1 dollar section at Target; god I love that section of the store).

Then we all made our way up the stairs (yes, the indoor hunt happened on our second floor), and into chocolate-covered madness.

After all the eggs were collected, everyone went to their respective corners to ogle their “take” and trade for favorites. All in all, it was a great success; we’re already looking forward to next year!

2 thoughts on “Party Wrap-Up: Spring Egg Hunt

  1. kendratheadverb

    The Dollar Spot at Tarjay is a way of life.

    The kids juice bar is totes adorbs at Chez Dottie Hottie!

    Miss yous. And your stratas. Feel free to share the recipe!

    1. DottieHotties Post author

      We miss you and your smiley face so much around these parts; so glad we get to get a glimpse from your blog!

      I’ll add a link to the post to the strata recipe; it’s super easy and SOOOO yummy!


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