Dorchester-Milton Restaurant Week

…dotted by Bekki

“Is it babysitter worthy?”

In our home, deeming an event Babysitter-Worthy is the highest possible compliment one can bestow.  It suggests a level of excitement and importance normally reserved for weddings, things requiring tickets and ultrasounds.  This year, I am bound and determined to add a fourth item to our B-Worthy list…Dorchester-Milton Restaurant Week.

The spirit has been willing since it’s inception in 2010, but in the past our schedule has been weak.  Now, with the super hottie dotties counting on me, I have just enough gumption to make it happen.  Nine local restaurants are offering three-course meals for $30.12, and we are going to fill up.  Now we just have the delightful problem of choosing a restaurant.  I shall pause while you heap pity on me; just cover me with dead leaves.

The Blarney Stone was one of the first places we ever discovered in Dorchester, and it quickly became a favorite.  We ate there a lot.  Then we became parents, and life as we know it ceased to exist.   I miss the Blarney Stone, and would really like to see it again.  Perhaps it will be like visiting the fountain of youth?  Eating at 224 Boston Street was another one of our pre-kiddo adventures.  I remember having a cozy, comforting and delicious meal — three adjectives that sound perfect for a polar night in January.

We ate at Dbar soon after it opened, and I can recall the sophisticated atmosphere and yummy hummus plate.  I absolutely am a fan of hummus, and I would absolutely like to pretend to be sophisticated.  Maybe we should use our night out to eat at Dbar?  In the meantime, I should absolutely check my fridge for chick peas.

I am guessing that Tavolo will get my husband’s vote, as he is partial to soaking in the neighborhood atmosphere at the expansive bar; he loves to people watch.  However, I love sugar, and have an intimate relationship with dessert.  The Ashmont Grill dessert menu is beyond ambrosial…so perhaps my mouth full of sweet teeth will lead us there?

Ledge Kitchen and Drinks is adored by all who enter, and one of my favorite chefs is their biggest cheerleader.  She knows most of the staff, and gets us the inside scoop on menu specialties.  As soon as this posts my phone will chime with a detailed text, outlining the many reasons why we should eat at Ledge.  She does have impeccable taste.

Lastly we arrive at the wild cards:  Savin Bar + Kitchen, Abby Park and 88 Wharf.  We have never feasted at these joints, and have heard lovely rumors about all three.  In our quest to have a wild and carefree weeknight — shouldn’t we try something new?

If only I could ponder these selections forever, but we must choose our path soon.  Alas, the fairy-tale of Dorchester-Milton Restaurant week will be over at the stroke of midnight on January 30th; and frankly, my babysitter will turn into a pumpkin by about 10:15.

4 thoughts on “Dorchester-Milton Restaurant Week

  1. MK

    FYI, I called the Blarney Stone and they are not participating in Restaurant Week this year.

  2. kendra!

    My vote is for the one that you’d be least likely to be seen with kids. 224 Boston was always my hypothetical pick. Since we always had a hypothetical babysitter 🙂


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