WHAT: The Gift Of Song…make a donation (in the name of your gift-receiver) to Boston City Singers, whose vision is to provide the highest level of musical training and wide–ranging performance opportunities to young people, to inspire personal development, celebrate diversity and foster goodwill within our city and surrounding towns.

WHERE: BostonCitySingers.org or donate in person at the ‘Dorchester Winter Stars’ concert (December 16) at the Holy Family Church or the ‘Christmas at Ashmont’ event (December 18) at The Parish of All Saints.

HOW MUCH: Over 85% of the members of Boston City Singers receive financial aid each year, making your generous support so essential! $10, $20 or even $30 can go a long way towards making a difference in a child’s life. Your tax-deductible gift helps to develop our city’s youth – many of whom live in Boston’s at-risk neighborhoods – and support a unique cultural institution.

FOR: Boston City Singers alumnae or anyone who loves music. Maybe make a tradition amongst extended family to choose a non-profit or charity instead of exchanging gifts! Everyone learns about a new organization and no one goes home with another *special* Christmas sweater.

Some of the Boston City Singers

Some of the Boston City Singers

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