The Bridge

… Dotted by Leslie 

When my husband and I moved to Dorchester eight years ago, we came across a painting of the the bridge near Adam’s Village. We swore to one another that someday we’d buy that painting. As my husband’s birthday approached this past weekend, I found myself in a panic to find the ‘perfect gift’. We’ve been together for 16 birthdays, so naturally, I’m running out of ideas. But then I remembered that painting and through some super-sleuth detective work ( aka Google) I found Vincent Crotty; a Dorchester-based Irish-born landscape and figurative painter. Vincent graciously informed me that the painting in question had long since been sold. However, he happened to have a smaller painting of the same bridge that he’d be willing to finish and frame for me in time for our celebration.

‘The Bridge’, as it now appears in our dining room … does anyone know it’s name?


Vincent Crotty

6 thoughts on “The Bridge

  1. Rosanne

    You are lucky to be able to have Vincent’s work displayed in your home – I have been an unashamed booster/superfan of his for many years. the Granite Ave bridge is a favorite subject for local artists – ‘someone’ ought to do a virtual collection of artwork depicting the bridge!


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