Fall Foliage, Dorchester Style

…dotted by Meghann

I admit it, I’m an autumnal dork … always have been. I’ve gotten excited when the coffee shops break out their pumpkin latte flavoring since high school and every year I am totally that person wearing the wool sweater when it’s still 75 degrees outside simply because it’s the day after Labor Day. I don’t know what it is about autumn but something about it makes me feel refreshed (a huge feat these days considering the fact that I’m 8 months pregnant) and ready to tackle life from a new angle so by the time September rolls around, I’m more than ready for the seasonal change with its sense of a new beginning.

Now that we’re homeowners, my new favorite “start of fall” tradition is changing out our planters from summer flowers to fall foliage. And, being the true dork that I am, I tend to do it as soon as I see the first pumpkins arrive in the stores (side note: given the propensity for stores to bring these things in earlier and earlier, I’ll probably be swapping plants in August in a couple of years).

Since I’ve already done all the driving around to check out the selection of fall plants around Dorchester, I thought I’d share what I found … so here’s the skinny on where to find what;  hopefully this helps save some of you out there some time:

Cedar Grove Gardens: Definitely has the best selection of larger gourds & squash (including the dark green squash, white pumpkins and swan-neck squash that you see on the covers of all the shelter magazines). I believe that all are priced @ $.89 cents/pound. They also have the best selection of decorative cabbages & kales & “Dusty Miller” which I love to use in conjunction with mums in flower boxes.

Lamberts: Has an IMMENSE selection of mums in every color, including my favorites: white and the softy salmon color. The 8″ pots are 4/$20. They also have some tiny white pumkins that would make adorable place cards for a Halloween party.

Stop & Shop: I wanted to “in-fill” my pumpkin/gourd selection with some soft yellows and was very happy to find that they had a great selection of medium-sized options at $.69/pound. The shop on Morrissey also had some great “Cat Tails” which I snapped up to use for height in our entry “urns” and our flower boxes. 6-8 stems for $6.99

Enjoy the season!

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