Boston Glass eases the Pane

… dotted by Bekki

“A real pane in the glass!”

Objects in the mirror are closer than they appear

It was bound to happen.  The narrow cow-path streets of Dorchester are high on charm, but low on clearance.  That, combined with some on-street parking put my side-view mirrors in the ticking time-bomb category.  Luckily I know where to get a great piece of glass.

Boston Glass, 1068 Dorchester Avenue

I can’t remember when we started loving Boston Glass: it may have been when The Mister put a ladder through our basement window; an old winding back staircase will do that to a man.  Perhaps it was when young JuniorDot got a hold of a very outdoor wiffle-ball bat, and used it on our very indoor built-in hutch pane.  Most likely our relationship with Boston Glass started on the first warm day of spring, as we attempted to pry open some 100 year-old windows.  Regardless of the when and what, the who is crystal clear: Boston Glass is a wonderland.

It is everything you want from a service industry.  A real person quickly answers the phone, who is friendly and accommodating and knows exactly what is in stock.  It is easy to get an appointment to fit your schedule, and they will usually carry the mended piece out to your car … which is especially useful if you’ve got a kiddo strapped in the back, sill moaning about having his wiffle-ball bat privileges revoked.

Best of all the turnaround and price are extremely reasonable.  While my car shop quoted me at $350 and a few hours, it took Boston Glass  less than 15 minutes and $45 to return my passenger-side hindsight to 20/20.

*  *  *

Boston Glass

1068 Dorchester Avenue


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