A Wahlburgers in Dorchester? Pretty Please?

Photo courtesy of Boston.com

Bill Forrey’s new editorial in the Dorchester Reporter, Wahlburgers: Bring It On Home to Dorchester,  makes a strong argument for opening a planned second Wahlburgers restaurant (owned by several of the of the hometown-hero Wahlberg clan including Mark & Donnie)  in Dorchester. And the prospect of it has us excited. Very excited. Not only would the introduction of a place like Wahlburger’s be a GREAT addition to the neighborhood (who doesn’t love a good burger?), but we think it would go a long way to letting other business owners know that Dorchester is a place on the radar when considering expansion.

If you agree with us, let your voice be heard: visit the Dorchester Reporter Facebook page and let them know what neck of Dot’s woods you’d like to see the restaurant!

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