Dorchester super-star, Sierra Rothberg (of Planet GOGA fame), organized this sweet event on Saturday. Don’t forget to BYOP (Bring Your Own Picnic)!

What: Kite, Bike and Frisbee
Where: Ronan Park
When: July 14th, 2012 10-2pm
Hosted by: Rothberg-Beliveau’s, Friends of Ronan Park

Sierra shared the inspiration behind the event with the DottieHotties…

“1.5 years ago we found a small puppy in the middle of the road outside of Memphis, TN on an intensely hot and humid morning in the beginning of a 2 month cross country road trip. After much deliberation, we decided to keep her and our road trip and life were not the same. At just 5 weeks old, she was an unexpected gift to our life; the first of three ‘children’ (Memphis and 2 daughters who later followed). Not being prepared to own a dog, we didn’t even know what kind of dog she was. Memphis taught me many things, but one of them was how to throw a frisbee. My husband could throw like a champion frisbee thrower right from the get-go. I on the other hand, was horrible, but no matter, Memphis, continued to bring me the frisbee every time.

At the time of this famed road-trip we lived in the Fenway section of Boston where we had already lived for five years. When we brought her home, we knew there was no way we could continue to live in a one bedroom with her and three cats. We happened upon a three bedroom in Fields Corner through friends and eleven years later and buying a house in Fields Corner, Ronan Park has become our backyard. Over the years, Memphis taught many other kids at the park how to throw the frisbee.When we first moved to Field’s Corner, Ronan Park was not the safest place to walk your fun loving frisbee dog. One of the first dog owners we met was this adorable petit woman who walked her fluffy senior dog, Moosa, while carrying a log in her arms (that is right a log). We later learned she carried this log to fend off other dogs who would attack her dog (sadly, these were not isolated events).

Over the last decade Ronan Park has seen many amazing changes and it has been through the hard work of many individuals.Sadly, Memphis died suddenly in December 2011 of Cancer. We wanted to create a festival in honor or Memphis who taught us not only the love of a game, but also brought us to Field’s Corner in Dorchester, which is now our home.

We approached Ronan Park Association who had an annual kite festival and they were on board to expand. 

This festival is not really about Memphis, she was really just the beginning. This is really about being a community and enjoying a day in the park together.”

Memphis the dog who loved frisbees


2 thoughts on “Hottie Happenings: Kite, Bike & Frisbee Festival

  1. fran

    OMG-this story brought tears to my eyes and then I saw her beautiful little face……

  2. Rosanne

    Was planning to go to this event anyway – love the view from Ronan Park! – but reading Sierra’s story has added that special heart-warming glow – I love my Dorchester neighbors!


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