… Dotted by Leslie

I’m packing for a trip to the lovely Eco Venao in Panama where I will meet up with friends; get reacquainted with a hammock; finally finish The Hunger Games series; drink local beer and at times be without electricity, forcing me to cut off completely from the outside world. At least for 10 days. Ahhhh … time to breathe.

This trip comes at a time when I happen to need it the very most. Let me plead my case:

Exhibit A: My husband suffered a herniated disc four weeks ago and has been in recovery ever since. Sure, I know, it wasn’t ME who suffered the injury, but it’s been awful watching him try to go about his daily routine clearly in agony with every step. Fortunately a cortisone shot and some physical therapy have him patched up enough to board a plane with me and the kids for our first family vacation in over two years.

Exhibit B: My son has been demonstrating that the age of TWO is mighty and fierce and he will NOT be buckled into his car seat without a fight. He will NOT. (I’m eager to see how the Flight Attendants handle this little guy…)

Exhibit C: Our family  has been cranked  through the heart-wrenching Boston Public School lottery process this spring, coming out on the other side with two good options, but still with heavy decisions to be made.

Exhibit D: My many projects and life responsibilities are weighing on the ole’ noggin as the emails pile up unanswered in my Inbox. It’s not pretty. I always *think* I can do it all …

The final piece of evidence on this sad case came tonight at bedtime when my four year old daughter looked up at me and said, ‘Mom, why are you and Dad acting so old?’.



Earlier today I received an email from Exhale magazine Publisher, Sandra Casagrand, telling me that the Spring Issue featuring an article I photographed and wrote on DottieHotties collaborator, Meghann Van Dorn, has finally published. I’m so grateful to Sandra for allowing me the opportunity to contribute to the pages of her outstanding publication dedicated to the educated, talented and inspiring women who live full lives in Greater Boston. And doesn’t it seem fitting that Exhale will be in my carry-on this week as I retreat to breathe and possibly figure out how to live a fuller life myself!

The cover of Exhale magazine’s Spring issue with Linda Piuzzuti Henry on the cover

Snapshot of article on fellow DottieHottie and Interior Designer extraordinaire, Meghann Van Dorn in Exhale magazine

2 thoughts on “Breathe

  1. kendratheadverb

    TOOOOOO COOOL! I cannot wait to read. Have a lovely vacation. 10 days sans the almighty power cord sounds like a thin slice of Heaven. I imagine it might even be enough to rectify this Acting Old business 😉 (guilty)


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