5 Dottie Discoveries: Aidan’s Barber Shop

… dotted by Bekki

“They’ve got throwback style.”

Mohawk, buzz cut, and the one that looks like they put a bowl on your head … this is the extent of my knowledge when it comes to male haircuts.  So when it was time for JuniorDot to get his first trim, I deferred to the man of the house. That’s how we landed in Lower Mills; my mister gets his mop managed by the lovely Liana Morely at Aidan’s Barber Shop.

Aiden's Liana Morley

Liana Morley Roots for the Bruins

1. Discovered first at Aidan’s was the … train table. The barber shop was a beehive of activity on Saturday morning, and this permanent fixture made our wait a little less choppy.

Train Table

A Tangle of Train Track Fun

2. Discovered next at Aidan’s was the … wall of fame, canine style. Liana urges all of her customers to proudly display a perfect pooch photo. The devoted dog owner even grooms her own pups!

Woof Woof

Aidan's Dog-Loving Roots are Showing

3. Discovered third at Aidan’s … was a head full of maneuvers to help kiddos relax. JuniorDot wasn’t so sure about sitting in that big red chair, but Liana immediately put him to work, turning on and off switches. He was such a busy little helper, he forgot all about the knots in his stomach.

Aiden's Little Helper

Liana Tames her Most Timid Customers with Trickery

4. Discovered next at Aidan’s … was another distraction decoy. This silky brush looked so inviting,  even I was *dyeing* to run my fingers through its mane.

Holding On

Hold on to your Hair-pins! Liana has another trick up her Sleeve.

5. Discovered last at Aidan’s … the rewarding jar of lollipops and thanks all around for a successful, tear-and-tantrum free haircut.  Our family’s quartet is now singing the praises of Aidan’s Barber Shop in Lower Mills!


Aidan’s Barber Shop, Lower Mills

2267 Dorchester Avenue



Aidan’s Barber Shop, Adams Village

779 Adams Street


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