Up Close: Boston Marathon Runner Meghan Malloy

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“Twenty-six point two.”

I’ll never forget my first marathon finish.  The sweat, the tears, the training,  but especially the pride: the pride of overcoming obstacles, the pride in pushing yourself to the limit, the pride in digging down deep and believing in yourself.  I realized all of that and more as I hugged one of my amazing sisters.  I am not exactly what anyone would call “athletic,”  but as I stood there in my flip-flops and denim, hoarse from all the cheering, I finally understood why she had wanted to run all those miles.  Marathons are a true celebration of the human will.

Ever since my time at The Heights of Chestnut Hill, I have loved Marathon day in Boston.  I posted about it on our DottieHotties facebook page, and that was the starting line for me and Meghan Malloy.  The Dorchester resident is training to run her third Boston Marathon this April, and it has been my pleasure to learn about her journey.

Boston Marathon Runner and Dorchester resident Meghan Malloy

Off to a Running Start: Meghan’s Background

“I ran my first marathon while in college, completely untrained (not a good idea!) and since then have run three others, two being Boston and one in Bermuda. Once you run the Boston Marathon, at least for me, it’s hard to go back. If I am not running, I have felt like I am missing out. Marathon Monday is one of my favorite days of the year. After being a spectator and having a blast last year, I was excited to get a number this year with The ALLY Foundation.”

In the Running: Meghan’s Motivation, The ALLY Foundation

“In 2008 I was working at a great organization called Boston Partners in Education. I pretty much ‘ran’ into The ALLY Foundation in that they reached out to us looking for runners. I loved running with them and raising money for their cause, which is to prevent opportunities for violent sex offenses. The ALLY Foundation was created by the parents of Alexandra Zapp; she was murdered in 2002. While the subject matter is obviously very serious and important, they are a group of people who exude warmth, welcome, and fun. I think they truly are the epitome of keeping someone’s spirit alive; I feel like I have almost gotten to ‘know’ Alexandra through them.

Throughout the fundraising season I have used my blog, Travel, Wine, and Dine,  as a promotion tool to help spread the word. I also held a fundraiser at Savin Bar + Kitchen with another runner. We had amazing raffle prizes, drinks sponsored by Double Cross Vodka, and of course great food and hospitality from Savin. They are a great local spot!

With a little over a month out, I am about 40% of my fundraising goal. It’s never easy, especially in a down economy and when so many good people are raising money for great causes. If people would like to donate, they can do so on my Crowdrise page.”

Meghan's Pumped Up Kicks

Born to RunMeghan’s Soundtrack

“My running playlist is the most random mix of music. At times it feels like I am at a frat party or bad club, based on some of the stuff I have on there. I also have some country and songs from Bollywood movies mixed in, anything with high energy to keep me moving. And I have been known to sing out loud to myself when I start to get tired. As for specific songs, Dropkick Murphys’ ‘Shippin’ up to Boston’ is a must! I also love Journey ‘Don’t Stop Believing’, Bon Jovi ‘Livin on a Prayer’, and Bruce Springsteen ‘Born to Run’.”

Running High: Meghan earns DottieHottie status

“Dorchester is a fantastic place to run because we have the beautiful waterfront and beaches, but we also have some killer hills. I usually try to do a few laps of the Savin Hill over-the bridge area to get in a good hill workout.

Dorchester has so many great places to go, and we love to explore them. Favorites include Savin Bar + Kitchen, Café Polonia, Ashmont Grill, and for a rugby game and Irish breakfast, The Banshee. I also love visiting the JFK Library. The stairs behind it are a great place to soak up a little sun and to take in some beautiful views. I really enjoy introducing people to all of the great things Dorchester has to offer. We have lived here for over six years and have made some great friends and continue to grow in our appreciation for the area.”

Born to Run

Meghan Malloy is a Marketing Communications/Social Media Consultant and a blogger: http://traveleatlove.com


To support Meghan’s effort with the ALLY Foundation visit her Crowdrise page: http://www.crowdrise.com/RunAllyForAChange/fundraiser/MeghansBostonMarathon


Meghan’s Savin Bar + Kitchen Event: http://traveleatlove.com/2012/02/windy-weekend


Recent post on how Zipcar has supported Meghan’s fundraising: http://traveleatlove.com/2012/03/a-bit-ogreen/

8 thoughts on “Up Close: Boston Marathon Runner Meghan Malloy

  1. funandfearlessinbeantown

    Meghan is a fantastic person inside and out and I’m so happy that she was highlighted on this lovely blog!

    1. DottieHotties Post author

      We have been so fortunate to meet her. The longest I have ever run is 7 miles, and it nearly wiped me out. The thought of training for 26.2 on top of fundraising for the ALLY fund is just remarkable.


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