The Mud House: When You Wanna Go Where Everybody Knows Your Name

…dotted by Meghann

To be honest, I don’t even remember how we found The Mud House. We moved into our new home in May and by June we were already calling it “our” place.

Mud House Menu

Snuggled into a corner of Neponset Circle at 389 Neponset Avenue (just before the bridge to Quincy), this sweet little cafe serves, in our humble opinion, the some of the best coffee and breakfast sandwiches in the city…not to mention the delectability that is their lunch menu.

Helen hiding at the Mud House

If you haven’t been, it’s an absolute must but be prepared for a little bit of a wait (regardless of the time of day that you’re going); this place is uber-popular and you’re just as likely to be behind someone from Milton as someone from Dot. But — and I can’t believe I’m actually writing this — waiting in line is actually fun. Artwork by local artists (including DottieHottie favorite Celia McDonough) adorns the walls in a revolving exhibition, family cards filled with bright-eyed children collect en masse on the bulletin board, and the place is filled with happy voices of all ages, races, and creeds.

Mud House Kids

But really, the food and ambience isn’t the best part of this little jewel.  The best part is that by your second visit, owners Helen Ryan and Moira English and their team will know you by name, act like you are the only person that they wanted to see walk through the doors, and ask you — and really care about — what you’ve been up to. It’s the morning equivalent sidling up to the bar at Cheers…without a resident Carla.

Mud House Exterior

Not to get all schmaltzy on you all, but to a young family fresh off of 93 South and still a little dazed from a move and the onslaught of parenthood, the sense that these born-and-bred Dorchesterites believed that we already belonged to the neighborhood — and to Dorchester at large — was such a gift. So…thanks guys!

The Mud House
389 Neponset Avenue
Dorchester, MA 02122
(617) 282-0024
Monday-Friday: 6AM – 2PM, Saturday: 6AM-1PM

6 thoughts on “The Mud House: When You Wanna Go Where Everybody Knows Your Name

  1. karyn kirke

    Sorry to be a Debbie Downer, but if you like strong coffee, this is not the place for you. The place/ambience is very cute, but oh! the coffee!

  2. DottieHotties Post author

    You know, that may be true, thanks for the comment. I’m one of those people who thinks Starbucks is WAY too acidic; I like my coffee “blonde” (to use the appropriate Starbucks lingo) and The Mud House has that down pat….

  3. Allen H.

    To each his/her own, I guess. I love the coffee here, I think it’s the perfect blend of strength and taste (the Peppermint Patty is especially delicious). The breakfast sandwiches are fantastic too, and the service can’t be beat.

    Great post!

    1. DottieHotties Post author

      Thanks for the kind words Allen! I’ve never actually tried the Peppermint Patty (I’m more of a skim milk and one sugar girl myself) but I will give it a whirl because it sounds delicious!

  4. Sarah Perry

    Thanks for posting this. I think the mudhouse is fantastic. I have to tell you after I had my first baby, the ladies there got me throught those first few months. I practically lived there and still do! Everyone who works there is just so friendly and genuine. BEST COFFEE and bagels!! I just wish they would open on Sundays!!!!!!!

    1. DottieHotties Post author

      It’s definitely a special place with an amazing team making it so warm and welcome.

      As for Sunday — me too –I crave one of their sausage, egg & cheese sandwiches almost every Sunday…I have to remind myseful that the ladies have clearly earned their day off!


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