Mark Grundig: The Mystery of the Mighty Muralist

… dotted by Bekki

“Jinkies. Guess who I met?!”

We were gathered around our Scooby Snacks at the staff meeting.  “The mysterious underwater mural guy!” was my response to any teacher who took the bait.  Middle school legend has it, that long ago, a mural appeared on the walls of one of our classrooms.  It is an absolutely beautiful underwater scene, and the only clue is the signature,  “Mark Grundig.”

Observation is the key to any good detective.  While doing some DottieHotties surveillance in Adam’s Village one Saturday, I stopped on Gallivan Boulevard to investigate a particular Dorchester mural.  While I had passed the cityscape many times, it was only now that I recognized the signature … it was none other than “Mark Grundig!”  I felt like Nancy Drew in The Password to Larkspur Lane.

Cityscape Mural at 540 Gallivan Blvd, Supreme Liquors

This time the artist had left more than just a name … he had left his website as well.  I jumped back into the passenger seat of our family’s Mystery Machine and immediately went to work.  Just like the Bloodhound Gang, I was there on the double, and before long I had located the culprit.

Mark Grundig confesses:

As an artist, I started with oil paintings and drawings.   As time went on I would get commissioned for paintings and soon I was commissioned for some murals in local restaurants and clubs.  Soon I was creating murals in houses —  on ceilings and kids rooms.  As my practice grew my clientele grew as well.  The houses became larger and the murals did as well.  In order to grow my business I also started in faux finishing and decorative plasters.

Detail of Grundig's Cityscape

The mural on Gallivan Blvd. was painted almost 10 years ago, I believe.  I was living in the Walter Baker Lofts along with several other artists.  I had a friend that worked for United Liquors and he told me that the building was looking to have an advertisement for their brand and if I could come up with a concept.  I chose to incorporate Dorchester and Boston scenery for the work.  Painting the mural was great, people seemed to enjoy it and it brightened up the building. The rest of my work in Dorchester was done in private homes and businesses.  There was not another public mural like that one.

After further investigation it was discovered that Mark grew up in Randolph, the town where I teach art.  His mother recently retired as one of the elementary school librarians.  The year before I was hired, Mark was a long-term sub at my middle-school.  Hence his motivation for the mural.

Under the strict DottieHotties code of law, I questioned Mark on the people and places that made Dorchester such a target for this type of job.

I have worked alongside with a few business owners in Dorchester. Jack Dougherty from College Hype Embroidery and Steve Kelley from Timberline Construction both helped me out when I was beginning in the business through commissions and mentoring.

I still enjoy going to Venezia and the dBar for dinner & drinks and McKennas for breakfast.

Detail of Grundig's Dorchester Mural

So that, my dear gumshoes, is how the Mighty Muralist case was closed … and he would have gotten away with it if it weren’t for this meddling kid.


Mark Grundig specializes in all types of murals and decorative art.

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