Dear Dorchester Valentine

…dotted by Meghann

To Do List

Dear Hubby-

It’s almost Valentine’s Day and I just wanted to say “thanks” … about a billion times over:

*Thank you for listening to me when I said — on a whim — “Let’s just go check out Dorchester,”.

*Thank you for letting me daydream about renovating an old, forgotten, and broken-down house.

*Thank you for  sticking with me through about a thousand homes.

*Thank you for not laughing when the 1,001st place — the epitome of unloved but with all the right bones — came up for sale and I fell in love.

*Thank you for agreeing to put in that first offer. And the second. And the third (while all around us the real estate market was crumbling).

*Thank you for moving into our new home when I was seven months pregnant  — unable to do anything to help — and spending every ounce of your free time painting, sanding, and writing checks to make it livable before our little guy was born.

*Thank you for not giving up on all those renovations when we were both sleep-deprived and utterly-exhausted new parents.

*Thank you for embracing our amazingly-friendly and helpful neighbors.

*Thank you for lovingly learning to grow — and then care for — our lawn.

*Ditto for the rosebushes we planted in the back that bloom like mad and the hydrangeas along the side that weren’t supposed to grow but still do.

*Thank you for not giving up on this house, this dream, this neighborhood when everyone said “we’d run for the ‘burbs” in a couple of years.

Thank you for everything. You’ve made my house-dream a reality and our son’s childhood as idyllic, diverse and loving as possible.

Happy Valentines Day; you are so loved.

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