We *HEART* (the) Herald

…dotted by The DottieHotties

Photo by Matt Healey of the Boston Herald

A mere three weeks after (re)launching the DottieHotties blog, the style editor of the Boston Herald contacted us; she was doing a piece on neighborhood-based style blogging and wanted to interview us for the piece. Were we interested? (HECK YEAH!!!)

Oh…and there was going to be a photographer. (Silence. Crickets chirping.)

*Gasp. Choke. Stutter. Die a little inside* Um; sure?

We had a meeting the weekend before our interview and hashed out the really important stuff. Who were we? What were we? WHY were we? And — most pressing — what were we going to wear?

On Monday night, the three of us arrived at the Ashmont Grill with butterflies in our stomachs, make-up on our faces, and a burning desire to avoid sounding like a bunch of morons. And even though we rambled a bit and “ummmm” was a prevalent word throughout the first 10 minutes of the hour-long conversation, we’re pretty sure we succeeded. Sure…we didn’t get the chance to go into the level of detail we wanted to but people got a taste of what we’re trying to do: highlight the fabulous place that Dorchester is and the amazing people, places, and things that inhabit it.

And know what? We just got started.

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