Mrs. Jones Soul Food

…dotted by Bekki

“Mrs. Jones!” he proclaimed “the research is already done.”

This was my husband’s response when he heard I was going to be blogging about my favorite hottie spots in Dottie.  He is correct, my family has a bit of an obsession with the Lower Mills soul food gem, known as Mrs. Jones Soul Food.

Have you ever enjoyed food so much that you *think* about it days ahead of time?  Have you ever been so enchanted by a dish that you can taste its memory?  These words only begin to describe my intimate relationship with her candied yams.  In one smooth, sweet, sticky mouthful her complex carbohydrates can melt away a week’s worth of woes.  The chicken wings are enormous peppery masterpieces, the smothered ribs are like candy and each piece of cornbread is a soft moist cushion of a-maize-ing goodness, fit for a queen.

Fried Chicken Wings with Black Eyed Peas and Candied Yams

A mountain of mouth-watering cornbread

We start them young in my household, to the point where my 5 year-old often asks with longing, for Mrs. Jones.  As a macaroni and cheese connoisseur, her palette is finely tuned and highly selective.  Her preferences usually involve a microwave and a box, but Mrs. Jones’ mac & cheese, gets top billing.  It is her meal of choice for milestone events such as birthdays, special occasions and…well…Fridays when mom and dad really don’t want to cook.

No meal, in my opinion, is complete without dessert.  The slices of 3-layer cake vary in flavor from day-to-day, but never in their generous portions; these treats look like they belong at the top of a beanstalk.  I have tried the chocolate, lemon and red velvet and never been disappointed.  The sweet potato pie makes me want to compose a symphony about cinnamon, cloves and allspice, while the silky smooth banana pudding could not possibly be any closer to perfection.  I love it so much, I put it in my fanciest glass for its photo shoot.

Heavenly Banana Pudding

A few doors up from Ledge, and across the street from Pat’s Pizza, Mrs. Jones Soul Food is located at 2255 Dorchester Avenue under a small black awning with blue cursive.  It is very easy on the wallet; our 2 adults and 2 kids easily fill up for under $40, with plenty of leftovers.

Mrs. Jones proudly stands before her gleaming Lower Mills kitchen, while Mr. Jones prepares food in the background.

The take out place is dedicated to her godmother, another great-cooking woman with the same last name, and it has been a life’s dream come true for both Mr. and Mrs. Jones.  I could have asked for their first names, but much like Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny, I prefer to keep a child-like mystique about certain things.  Their cash only doors are open from noon to 8pm, Tuesday through Sunday and I have never seen any two people work harder.  “I just don’t like to see people waiting”  explained Mrs. Jones, as she darts from the refrigerator to the counter, to the oven, and back to the counter, all to collect your lovingly crafted meal.

I told her, with a smile, not to rush on my account “I would wait forever for your food Mrs. Jones.”

Mrs. Jones Soul Food * 2255 Dorchester Avenue * (617) 696-0180

3 thoughts on “Mrs. Jones Soul Food

  1. Karen

    Love Mrs. Jones! The wonderful aroma coming from her kitchen can be enjoyed all the way down by CVS! Her mac & cheese is the definition of comfort food!

  2. kendra!

    This ode to Mrs. Jones is so smartly crafted but so appropriate. I don’t believe you can be over the top when it comes to EVERYTHING on that menu.

  3. jlee (@bikerdad)

    How I kept telling myself that I was going in on the day they had fried turkey, never did, but I’m sure it’s as good as everything else there.

    Also just to add, their kale’s great and has a nice kick to it!


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