Ode to TODH (The Original Dottie Hottie)

Kendra, TODH (The Original Dottie Hottie)

Kendra was one of my first friends in Dorchester.

Her wit, charm and way of welcoming friends with warmth drew me to her. Our then 2 year old daughters fell in friend-love and were often found swaying in a bear hug . Play dates, spontaneous dance parties, breakfasts, a cold winters adventure to Edaville Railroad with the girls and our two infant sons would bond us as friends who experienced a unique time and place in life. It’s remarkable to look back when the kids were so very young (I mean, even younger than they are today) and think about those friends who helped lift me up on the days when life felt a bit heavy . Kendra will always be that person to me and for that I’m forever grateful. Just seeing her in passing on the street with her funky glasses, bright colors and cheerful “Hey there, Mama Leslie!’ always brought a smile to my face.

When Ms. Lee wasn’t mothering two beautiful babes, teaching, schooling, working and being an awesome friend, she was writing for a little something called Dottie Hottie: a blog about living in Dorchester. The ‘go to’ place for Dorchester’s finest to pick up the latest advice on where to get great Pho. A haircut. A vintage dress. We loved Dottie Hottie for her candor, humor and of course, there was always that razah shahp wit.

An opportunity in Higher Ed called Kendra and family to Tennessee this spring (and wept, we did) where we hear the Lee’s are settling in quite nicely. When she isn’t moulding young minds, Kendra continues to blog on kendraspondence.

We seriously doubt that we will ever match Kendra’s wit (no, wait. we know we never will), but we hope to honor her legacy here in Dorchester as the newly re-minted Dottie Hotties (note the ‘s’, there’s two of us!).

Dorchester, we want to hear from YOU with your tips, trends and ideas.

Kendra, we are so grateful for this opportunity to explore our town and we hope to do you proud. Miss you.

Leslie & Meghann

1 thought on “Ode to TODH (The Original Dottie Hottie)

  1. kendra!

    How could TODH be anything less than misty-eyed flumoxed ecstaticpants for this shout-out and, more globally minded, for this website which is bound for great things. Dorchester is a haven and with friends like we made, it is a little slice of Heaven on earth. A part of me will always live in Dorchester. (And all of my stupid mortgage will – teedleehee).

    Love you, Mama Weswee.


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